Design and Installation Services

Save energy, money and increase your property value, while adding clean air, beauty and enjoyment to your life by planting trees.

A federal study found adding one tree at each corner of your house reduces utility costs by 25%. Choosing native trees, shrubs and perennials or time-tested, non-native varieties adds value by decreasing the amount of time needed for maintenance.

Adding large amounts of organic matter to the soil when planting encourages strong healthy plant growth without additional artificial chemicals or endless labor. Sharing the beauty and fragrance with friends and family doubles your pleasure.

Look at some of our before and after photos below.

mailboxSeasonal Color

Our installations of seasonal color are uniquely beautiful. No more boring old stuff you see everywhere else. Let us wow you. Click here to see some seasonal plantings.

Soil Amendment

Our landscapes grow more beautiful and vibrant with little care and less chemicals because of our meticulous planting; using copious amounts of soil amendment, both organic and inorganic. Application of lime increases soil pH allowing your grass to greener with less fertilizer.

Before and After Installation Photos