Maintenance Services

Lawn Maintenance

A beautiful lawn is the perfect foil for a landscape. The blades of our mowers are sharpened every twenty hours, or less, of operation. The clean cut of grass blades saves water, prevents disease and promotes a deeper green turf.

Rich, healthy, deep green grass is also promoted by wise use of fertilizer and weed control. A customized program to match your turf type and prevailing weather makes your grass strong, healthy and beautiful.

Our year-round maintenance prevents problems and prepares your landscape for top performance throughout the growing season. Removing built-up leaves and debris prevents smothered grass, crown and stem rot or other disease problems.


Mulching protects your plantings against varied temperatures. Plus it reduces the need for watering. And it will save on plant replacement costs. In addition, mulching makes your landscape look good and acts as a perfect foil to show off your flowers and plants.

Lawn Care

Appropriate fertilization in the proper season gives you greener, stronger grass. A healthy lawn also sequesters more CO2. A well-maintained lawn will be less susceptible to insect damage.

We can spot spray for weeds twice a month.

Applications of pre-emergent stops winter weeds and crabgrass before they start.

Rose Pruning and Trimming

Careful, experienced rose pruning prevents disease and produces bountiful flower displays.